How many half-wit Congressmen are still living in the stone age?

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Too many. And we need many more women to drag these myopic, knuckle-draggers into modernity – reality.

Denying climate change is bad enough but since the demise of the Neanderthals 40,000 years ago, you would think most men would have advanced to a level of understanding, and respect for, female biology. Not so. Today, there are still a large number of narrow-minded, male Neanderthals, elected to stomp around in the halls of our Congressional caves, exemplify how unevolved they are. The women need to start wielding the power, clubbing some sense into these half-ass, male politicians who aren’t just ostriches with their head in the sand, they’re ostriches with no head.

OMG! WTF? How ignorant can men be?

Dr. Jen Gunter, a Canadian gynecologist and author of, The Vagina Bible, a book about women’s reproductive health is sending a copy of her book to all 535 members of the US Congress. Why?

Get this!

A recent article in the Washington Post by Monica Hesse highlights the height of ignorant, misogynist legislation – yes, legislation – with “A bill currently winding through the Pennsylvania legislature [that] would require the remains of miscarriages or abortions occurring in health-care facilities — anything past the point of “fertilization,” the bill clarifies — be buried or cremated.

In this case, WTF is such an appropriate acronym. Because this is the dumbest fucking thing men could do to women about the one thing they fucking like to do, fuck women! Except they won’t take responsibility for that dirty little secret, instead, they choose to fuck with the lives of women, and, most insidiously, out of complete ignorance, legislate their stone age religious beliefs into women’s lives.

Here’s a excerpt from the article that highlights male ignorance:

You can drop in on almost any point in American history and be horrified by what our elected and appointed officials do not understand about reproductive health. You can listen to the Supreme Court’s oral arguments on the 1965 decision Griswold v. Connecticut, in which nine men bashfully sputter through a discussion of whether birth control would lead to “immorality” and notice how the justices were so clearly embarrassed they could only refer euphemistically to “devices.”

That was over 50 years ago and and our marauding men are still using blunt-force weapons of ignorance on women.

God bless The Vagina Bible

Dr. Jen Gunter (Photo: Washington Post, Jason LeCras)

As the Washington Post article states: “The Vagina Bible” is not a screed; it is a measured, pragmatic manual detailing how the female reproductive system works or doesn’t. It does not explicitly argue for policy changes; it implicitly argues that officials in charge of policies should at least understand what they’re voting for.

It covers a wide range of what women – and men! – need to know:

  • For the sixteen-year-old trying to figure out tampons (for a chuckle see video).
  • For the twenty-six-year-old wondering how to avoid a UTI.
  • For the thirty-six-year-old trans woman navigating her new anatomy.
  • For the forty-six-year-old worried about the changing appearance of her vulva.
  • For the fifty-six-year-old looking into the HPV vaccine for her daughter (and maybe herself).
  • For the sixty-six-year-old experiencing painful sex.

Apparently, the 535 copies of the book going to Congress are being underwritten by by Andy Shallal, a beloved Washington restaurateur – obviously, one of the more enlightened men – but so many more of these Bibles need to reach legislatures in every State (urgently needed in Pennsylvania) and across Canada, as a beginning of the sex education for adult Neanderthals in politics. A good place to start in Canada would be the Canadian province of Ontario, and its sex education legislation that’s slipping back into stone age thinking. Perhaps, Dr. Gunter, being a Canadian, will send Doug Ford and the right-wing Neanderthals in his party a copy of the book.

“I prefer to think about menstruation as a natural resource,” she said. “Every person on the planet owes their life to it.” – Dr. Jen Gunter

As they say in the Bible, “Amen to that.”

A look back

Enjoy this 3 minute slice of nostalgia, right out of the Father/Mother Knows Best era (what a myth that was). It’s a series of educational commercials and films used from 1940 to 1990 to help “explain” menstruation and yet, uses little to no mention of female anatomy or biology – lots of euphemism and innuendo, but god forbid we call it what it really is (probably created by the Neanderthals).


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