Shock and Aww: Inside the Mostly Wild and Sometimes Mild Life of Dr. Ruth

To put it mildly, she’s concerned by much of what she sees, especially when it comes to hookup culture and one-night stands as made easy by internet dating sites like Tinder.

With a new documentary hitting theaters, Ask Dr. Ruth, the good doctor reflects on her journey from Holocaust survivor to sex guru — and weighs in on Tinder, drunk hookups and loneliness. She always worth following – if you can keep up to this 90 year-old. She recently said, “I am not against people finding people to date on social media. That’s the way it goes now. But one-night stands are stupid, because that person was with somebody else the night before, so we are going to see a rise in syphilis, gonorrhea and AIDS. Also, they just aren’t satisfying. Even if they have the best orgasm in the world, people need and want a person that is there for them, as both a friend and a companion. So loud and clear, I’m against one night stands.”

Her perspective on all things sexual is always worth the time-taken:

From Rolling Stone:


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