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“She was still the most honorable, brave, amazing woman he’d ever met.” – Dash Peril

Cover to cover, the story is hot. She’s hot, he’s hot, and they’re hot for each other, except when their dark secrets and the damn mystery get in the way, then he, and their relationship, are in lethal jeopardy.

Right from the get-go, we’re all in love with Lieutenant Margaret “Margo” Peterson, even before Dash thinks he might be. Because she is, as the above quote by Dash declares, what all female protagonists, cops and lovers want to be – damn near perfect, except for the usual character flaws and dark secrets. Which Dash discovers amid the tumultuous churn of danger, uncertainty, carnal need, female weakness and … maybe love.

The reader doesn’t have to give too much of damn about the crime to get embroiled in Dash and Margo’s typical emotional twists and turns and some atypical man-woman sexual tension, as they explore the gamut of sexual desire, great sex and to-be-expected love-denial. In the page-turning dash to the end, things turn perilous – now you get the idea where the names come from – and …

The book is worth reading for the heat and conflict in a very sexual relationship, but the rest is mainly backdrop. Good backdrop for two sexy people.

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