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Did you know you can get your vagina high? 

Cannabis and coitus. Weed lube is a thing– and it’s legal! More and more women are turning to cannabis to reawaken their ladybits and make things interesting in the bedroom.  From The Quick & Dirty podcast, Hilary and Sandra talk to sexologist Dr Carlen Costa. She’s a sexologist , psychotherapist, and everyday Goddess……and she’s also a cannabis educator. How does cannabis affect men and women differently? What else is cannabis being used for? And how can you use weed to make sexytime ever sexier? GUEST: Dr. Carlen Costa, Everyday Goddess

Hilary Welch and Sandra Plagakis host discussions in which you will find quick and dirty insights for everyone. We’ve selected the Cannabis and Coitus one. Some are long (up to 50 minutes) and if you want to cut the time down a bit on this one, the interview with Dr. Costa starts at about the 7:30 minute mark

Listen to the podcast at Quick & Dirty(51 minutes)

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