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Everyone should become a sex scholar

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Straight A students in sex are rare – most of us are C students, at best, and many flunk

This is the best manual I’ve ever read – and I’m a guy who avoids manuals and instructions, especially in high-tech subjects like sex. But author Emily Dubberley is a great teacher and a true “techie” when it comes to this prerequisite course for all humans – the one we never take on sex. Hell, that’s why most of us never pass Sex 101.

Beyond Coles Notes

This book is much better than any Coles Notes and will prepare you for getting a masters degree in sex. Really!  Robert Page, author of the worlds best selling Lovers’ Guide, said, “It reminds one of the Survivor’s Guide series, actually brimming with facts and unusual ‘I never knew that’s’, but a rollicking fun read too, to keep you riveted.”

Candid, perspicacious, beautiful and liberating. It’s not only a bedside reference book, it’s a hands-on, in-the-field, practitioner’s research guide. In Chapter 2: The Best Ways to Find an Appropriate Research Partner, it tells you how to find a research partner and “identify sexually compatible partners. In Chapter 7, Overcoming Common Issues in the Field, it lays out “troubleshooting techniques for common sexual problems.”

After experiencing the myriad joys of manual, oral, genital, and anal coitus, neophyte students are likely to feel secure in their knowledge. However, problems in the field offer the greatest scope for learning. Until you are able to deal with any sexual issues that may arise with style and grace, there is no way you can attain the ultimate qualification.
Common sexual problems are nothing to fear. Human sexual response is complex, and so it should come as no surprise that sometimes events do not go as planned.

Like a good guide, it advises that “to advance to the next chapter, please ensure that you have:

  • Learned how to deal with premature ejaculation
  • Understood coping mechanisms for delayed ejaculation
  • Developed suitable skills to work around elusive orgasm in the female
  • Gained comprehension in dealing with conflicting sexual desires
  • Once this level of understanding has been achieved, you may progress to the final chapter, Advanced Studies for the Impassioned Student: Fetishistic Behaviors to Enhance Sexual Variety

The book tells you “how to map out your partner’s primary erogenous zones and decode sexual signals based on body language, kissing, and touch techniques.” It covers different, common, seldom-talked-about, physical anatomy characteristics like mushroom headed penises, hooded clitorises and the techniques for fucking that go best with each genital size, shape, and quirks. All good stuff that any “A” student needs to know, unless you are determined to be a dunce and continue get “Fs” in fucking.

This book can turn failures into Phi Beta Kappas in one semester.

Chapter 7 is climatic (pun intended), and offers “additional stimulation in the field of fetishism,” which can provide “a great range of sexual seasonings that further enhance the experience,” including pointers like “tailoring fetishes to genital differences.”  The insights and information in this chapter offer a “shopping list” designed to help you identify your niche sexual preferences.” Here’s a peek at some survey data cited to increase your comfort level in researching new levels of eroticism:

  • Top four female fantasies: #1-Fantasies about partner, 21% [of women]; #2-about group sex, 15%; #3-about sex in erotic setting, 15%; #4-Rape/force, 12%
  • Top four male fantasies: #1-Fantasies about group sex, 31% [of men]; #2-about voyeurism/fetishism, 18%; #3-about their partner, 14%; #4-about people other than partner.
  • Interestingly, 4% of men cited rape/force compared to 12% of the women
  • Sadomasochism was at 7% for both female and male

This chapter alone is worth the price of the book, but throughout it’s chock-full of facts, theory, practices and information that explode many myths surrounding sex issues. And when you’re done, even your first semester of reading and research, you will have eliminated many common “issues” and achieved a much higher grade in unadulterated pleasure.

BTW, this book makes Sex 101, what we used to call in university, a “slough course.” Take it, you’ll pass with flying colors … and have ßa helluva a lot more fun.

“Thought you’d seen it all with sex manuals? Well, now you have!” – Susan Quilliam, coauthor, The Joy of Sex.

Like sex, the book is indispensable!

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