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Legal Seduction – it might be legal but it’s boring

Must-read rating: ♥ ♥

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It’s a story – sort of. The sex is good enough but as in all things important, “good enough, isn’t.” The magic in sex is not the mechanics, it’s the all-consuming emotions that overwhelm the mechanical and yet, in the seduction between Simon and Bette, we get primarily mechanical versus beautifully primal. The writing doesn’t create a romantic rhythm with the reader just as the sex doesn’t create a poetic rhythm between the protagonists.

The characters lack … well, character. Simon is who? Other than what he tells us about himself – like an arrogant lawyer or egotistical prick does. Typical deprived youth, hot-shot lawyer, sexually proficient but we never get to know the guy, you know, the kind of guy a woman falls for. Other than for a one-night stand, Simon is not the kind of guy most women romanticize or fantasize about. Self-importance and shallow are not sexy attributes. With a guy like this there is seldom a chance that the lust becomes love because the romance is missing in the action.

It seemed as if the initial seduction in the office was contrived to quickly get sex into the story. Again, if Bette is as independent and determined as she was (in secret, a budding entrepreneur), she would never have submitted to his advances so easily. Com’on!

I realize these stories need to adhere to a certain word count (approximately 50,000) but surely there’s room for some detail, texture, emotion, character fiber and scene setting.

It’s a book of sexual encounters between too not-very-believable characters, wrapped around a petty mystery, stumbling along toward a foregone conclusion. From the beginning, the fabric of the story lacks color, you know, beautiful threads of raw desire intricately woven into romantic denial, which can set the reader up for a final surrender of throbbing hearts.

It’s worth reading for the lustful, disconnected sex, but not if your in need of romance, passion, an eventually unbound love.

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