This vibrating device is the antithesis of a sex toy

A study in Britain indicates that more digital time means less sex. And the contagion isn’t just in Britain.

“You don’t feel close when you are constantly on the phone.” – Prof Kaye Wellings

Sex is on the decline in Britain, particularly among married and cohabiting couples, according to a major study that suggests the increasingly busy lives we lead and distractions of the internet may be partly to blame.

However people say they are not happy with the amount of sex they have. More than half – 51% of women and 64% of men – of Natsal respondents said in 2012 they would like to be having sex more often. That was a substantial increase from 39% and 51% respectively in 2001.

The problem of less sex in a relationship deserves a deep conversation rather than a text-filled day.

From The Guardian by Sarah Boseley:

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