Dating an insecure guy is a problem. Five reasons to run!

This article provides five signs of insecurity but we suggest if there’s more than one – even one – you need to question whether it’s a viable, long-term relationship. Because insecurity has deep roots and rebuilding a guy is not something you want to take on alone – professional help is a must. And even then, not necessarily a “fix.”

The five signs your man is insecure are good indicators (they also link to fifteen more), but perhaps the key point is “Insecurity is destructive …” Although the article puts a positive spin on it by saying, “Being with an insecure partner can be difficult but it does not mean that your relationship will fall apart.” And “Changing the personality of your guy so he has more confidence takes time.” These are band-aids. You can’t change his personality, only he can, and if he can’t, or won’t, then the relationship will fall apart. Or be destructive. Perhaps, the best advice they give is, “… it is not your responsibility.”

Your responsibility is to you and if he has any of these signs, it’s your responsibility to go find a more secure guy.

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And here’s a quick video (2:37) that goes with the article and shows how damn insecure guys can be:

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