Buttocks only, or full frontal?

Intimacy coordinators come to Hollywood.

Are sex scenes in Hollywood films just stunts, and like all stunts, require a sex stunt coordinator? That’s seems to be where sex scenes are at in Hollywood, at least the explicit stuff. The MeToo movement has arrived and it’s about fucking time!

Emily Meade

When you watch what we have been watching for years and realize that there has been little to no regard for the privacy, professionalism and basic respect for women in film, it boggles the mind. Of course, it should be of no surprise, knowing that Harvey Weinstein and his merry little band of male pigs have been running the movie show for decades. Now the infamous “casting couch” has a chair next to it and it’s occupied by an intimacy coordinator. And you can bet a helluva lot directors ain’t happy, voyeuristically speaking. Finally, organizations like SAG-AFTRA and people like Ita O’Brien, who’s called an “intimacy coordinator,” are getting involved. And Emily Meade of The Deuce is feeling more comfortable.

There are now “Intimacy on Set Guidelines.” Here’s a few:

  • Put in place wardrobe – appropriate covering for genitalia.
  • Actor is nude or semi-nude recall may bring a support person to be with them throughout the shoot.
  • Actor to agree, or disagree, to performing nude and to performing simulated sex and to choose the type of nudity the actor is willing to do (e.g. buttocks only, or full frontal).
  • Agree areas of physical touch
  • Nudity only from action to cut, and at all other times, the actor should be covered.
  • No nudity with genitals touching. Always use patches or modesty barrier.
  • Actors should not override the guidelines independently.

Love the last one. I think “override” means actors should not get carried away, as in too hot and bothered, too into each other. In other words, no coitus on set.

From Vanity Fair, a peek inside a growing profession. Intimacy Coordinators Are Changing Hollywood Sex Scenes for Good


Feature photo: courtesy DayNewsWorld

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