Is Goop really just goop?

Amanda Mull writes in The Atlantic a tale of two lifestyles, exposing for all to see that shopping at Goop promises you both ‘the best of times and the worst of times.’ – if you can afford it

“I spent $1,279 of The Atlantic’s money on creams, crystals, and a vibrator from Gwyneth Paltrow’s wellness empire. Things got weird.” – Amanda Mull

As Mull writes, “Over the course of a few weeks, she “found [her]self sucked into the paranoid skepticism that drives people to buy more products, read more pseudoscience, and orient their lives around ailments that might not even exist.” And whether the goopy products improve your health or not, the prices tags are enough to make you sick.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s name and reserved demeanor can’t camouflage the naked commercialism of Goop’s message that if you spend enough on wellness products you will feel better – whether you do or not. Out of the $1279 worth of products that Amanda Mull bought, most were a bust and some downright “stank” – except for the “Smile Makers Fireman Vibrator” ($55). Apparently, there are two shelves of vibrators at the Goop store in Manhattan.

The myth of well-being products is why reading this article is important to all women who might be overly influenced by one of the oldest female myths:  “that physical beauty is proof not only of a person’s health but of her essential righteousness. If the outside is perfect, the inside must be too. It’s a retrograde vision of womanhood for a company that so frequently deploys the word empowerment.”

Read this article before you buy the goop!


From The Atlantic:

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