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Pleasure is the measure (a podcast)

Everything – well almost – you need to hear about sex and never had a chance to listen to. This is an excellent podcast with Dr. Emily Nagoski.

“My clitoris is my favorite,” is a declaration by a two-year-old girl about her body parts and it is just one of Dr. Emily Nagoski’s great stories about why the vast majority of us shut down honest conversation about sexual anatomy. As Emily says, “boys and girls’ body parts are very much the same” and yet, our culture and parents have sent a different and “weirdly mixed messages” across generations, culminating in most of us having to work out “our own [sexual] shit” throughout adulthood.

“Pornography is bad sex education … learning about sex by watching porn is like learning to drive by watching NASCAR racing on TV.”

In this podcast, Shane Parrish of Farnam Street (a place where they “help you master the best of what other people have already figured out”), explores with Dr. Nagoski the spectrum of sex, pleasure and relationships. They cover a host of worthwhile topics:

  • How parents can get two-year-olds into being delighted with their clitorises [and penises].
  • Why pornography is bad sex education.
  • The science of trust.
  • Six key factors for increasing sexual pleasure (not your usual mechanical tips).
  • The “turn on” and “turn off” sexual arousal switches in the brain.
  • Why an affair is a “secret garden.”

In the last ten minutes, Dr. Nagoski responds to the big question: “When it comes to sex, what [one thing] should females know about males and what should males know about females?” Hint: “Deep wounds.”

If you believe “knowledge is king” in the bedroom then this is worth listening to as a couple.

Listen here >>

P.S. Dr. Nagoski has a great book, Come As You Are. Available at the Love & Sexcess Bookstore (25% off)


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