The Billionaire’s Innocent – Review

“Zair groaned, and Nora thought it was the best thing she’d ever heard.”

No matter how rich they are, they groan just like everyone else. Except in this tale of a billionaire and his innocent young woman, things aren’t the same and perhaps on the other side of the groans and deep sexual desire there is a silver (and much gold) lining. Nora Grant’s innocence could be the undoing of the tough, polished, wealthy royal Zair al Ruyi. Or, in such twisted tales, something unexpected and unimaginable.

Nora, innocent – and “naive” according to Zair – was on a “lunatic kamikaze mission” trying to uncover the disappearance of her friend, Harlow, in the bowels of the elite prostitution business on the French Riviera. There she encounters the dangerously magnetic billionaire, Zair, her brother’s best friend, and the man she was in love with as a young girl. He is embroiled in his own dangerous game and is determined to keep Nora out of his dark world. She is at his mercy, and he at hers.

It’s a good story and more than a quick read and best of all, the suspense doesn’t get in the way of the inescapable carnal attraction, although Nora’s innocence is overly wrought. And despite all his money and power, Zair can’t “buy” relief from his inescapable attraction to Nora. It’s a good read and love story.

Footnote: Post the public exposure of Jeffrey Epstein, Nora’s fictional experience shines a light on the reality that women are too often sexual commodities in the world of wealthy men.

The Billionaire’s Innocent is the second book in The Forbidden Series.

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