No way Facebook is going to find your soulmate?

The wonders of technology cannot do what human evolution has failed to do for thousands of millennia. Soulmates are few and far between and no new-fangled dating app is going change that. Just because it makes it easier, doesn’t mean it’s better.

The fact is, Facebook is a scam, a socially corrupt, commercial machine that spews more mythology than the combined stories of the Greek gods and goddesses Aphrodite, Venus and Cronus (who severed his father Uranus’s genitals and threw them into the sea from which Aphrodite was born).

Looking for a soulmate on Facebook is about as reliable as asking for help from the Greek gods. Or akin to walking into a bar where a billion people a day are served and taking your chances at speed-dating. Geez, since Ancient Greek times, more than half of all marriages have been “arranged” (today, still 60% worldwide) and half have ended in divorce, which tells you finding a soulmate can’t be arranged and it fails at least half the time.

If trust is at the core of a relationship, and the definition of a soulmate is trust, why would anyone start out by using an “agent” like Facebook?

From Washington Post: Facebook wants to find you a soul mate. Will users trust the company with their secrets?


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