Must-read rating: ♥ ♥ ♥  (Must-read ratings (1♥ – 5♥) are based on the contribution to understanding and enjoyment in love, sex & success.

“A zany whodunit that is compelling, funny, painful and wry, delivered by an author with her finger on the pulse of the current cultural zeitgeist.” – Globe and Mail, Toronto

It’s a thriller, a killer – lots of killing – and lots of satire and insight about marriage, infidelity and that sacred ground between the spirit of soulmates and the toxicity of reality.

Dana finds herself drawn back into her ex-husband Ethan’s life. Because he’s dead, dying in an apparent murder-suicide with the yoga instructor he ran away with in a whirlwind of spiritual woo-woo. For many years, she had loved her ex-husband and decides to look into his death, which uncovers a page-turning mystery.

“A whip-smart skewering of modern mysticism told with the urgency of a thriller. You’ll laugh, you’ll roll your eyes knowingly, and you’ll race to the end to find out whodunit.” – Jessica Knoll, New York Times bestselling author of The Luckiest Girl Alive. (Available in Love & Sexcess Bookstore)

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