Cheaters are selfish but WTF, don’t confess!

There’s an old saying, “What we don’t know can’t hurt us,” and nowhere is it, perhaps, wiser advice than in consideration of confessing infidelity, in marriage or any relationship. The guilt may be more about the cheater’s selfishness than the well-being of the victim, and is simply doubling-down on the first egregious act.

This article points out that research shows that “in just under half of all marriages, one spouse will cheat on the other at some point during the marriage” – not to mention the millions of non-married, living-together couples.

It’s a delicate, difficult, sensitive issue and needs to be handled properly, taking several factors into consideration, not the least of which is the pain inflicted versus the guilt released. This article is from a sexual addiction website, “It’s Cheating” (linked to PB Behavioral Health), a place where they offer clinical advice that addresses addictions from cheating to pornography.


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