Canadian vaginas are once again safer – except from ignorance

Wow! Do we really need the government to protect women’s vaginas? It appears so. Canada’s public health department has banned the sale of toxic, herbal suppositories sold as “self-love inspired womb care for every woman” to shield women … from themselves.

Thank you bullshitting celebrities

Gwyneth Platrow is just one of many celebrities who will peddle any crap they can for money – to hell with the risks to your health. And obviously, too many of us are too gullible. (See earlier article about Paltrow’s goop on Goop about “jade and rose quartz eggs” for your vagina. And don’t get us started on the stupidity of Paltrow’s vagina steaming” – actually we already wrote about it).

We bring you these articles and news because of irresponsible and reprehensible celebrities like Platrow. And we try to introduce you to legitimate experts like OB/GYN, Dr. Jen Gunter, author of The Vagina Bible (see book review).

Gunter said, “There’s nothing in your reproductive tract that needs to be detoxed.” And yet, the makers of “Goddess Vaginal Detox Pearls,” after a CBC investigation, had to be banned from selling their pearls in Canada in order to safeguard women – from themselves.

WTF? Why would any woman need an investigation to tell her not to put a foreign object in her vagina? Of course, most women love pearls but the vagina is no place to wear them. It’s sad that someone would try and convince women that such invasive trash could do something as ridiculous as “cleanse past sexual trauma.” Dr. Gunter claims that companies offering this toxic trash are “predatory,” “offensive” and “harmful.” She adds, “The idea that there is any kind of remnant in your vagina from sexual trauma is simply not true.”

Thank you Canada! Now, how about the US department of health start banning snake-oil sales celebrities like Paltrow.

Vagina-owners beware

The root cause of the problem is sexual ignorance, which, in turn, is preyed upon by commercial rapists. All vagina-owners need to read the “manual” – and there are dozens of books and articles on such subjects. Read. Be informed. Follow this website. Because we research and write about love, sex and all this important stuff, weekly.

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