“Okay ladies, take your position …” as in your favorite one.

Because if you aren’t in the right position, no orgasm for you. And everybody is different and every position works differently. Here are the “confessions” of a dozen women on the sex positions that work for them.

In this article from Glamour, Real Women Share the Sex Positions That Work for Them Every Time, the importance of variety and getting your partner to know your favorite position is obviously. And there’s a bonus link to an article, 9 Tips for How to have an Orgasm.

“I love the position that’s called ‘doggy pillow.’”– Isabel, 33

“Modified missionary.” – Vee, 27

“It turns me on to be able to control the pace and depth.”– Melinda, 40

“The only position that works for me 100% of the time is …” Isabelle, 22

From Glamour.

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