Black Friday is gone, stress lingers, and your sex is now 50-60% off!

You may have missed the Black Friday Special on this vibrator (20% off) but even at regular price this sex toy might be the gift that keeps on giving – and worth every penny.

Here are two articles that claim vibrators can be “the ultimate way to destress.” Well … maybe not “the ultimate” but they can be a fuckin’ good substitute. Other women find certain sex positions more stress relieving – see earlier article: Ladies, need stress relief? Forget the gym, yoga, pilates, head for the bedroom.

Lately there has been a lot of talk and writing about sex and stress and ideas on how women can make the two more compatible rather than arch enemies. Because too often if you can’t reduce the stress you’re sure to reduce the sex. Struggling in the midst of this dilemma, many women find sex toys a welcome relief.

The ultimate way to destress

From Glamour, Suzannah Weiss claims in an article, This Might Be the Best Vibrator I’ve Ever Tried (it was on sale on Black Friday) and a second article from Glamour by “Amazon Sex Toy Review Lady” claims This Vibrator Is the Ultimate Way to Destress. Weiss states that the sonic vibrator from Lelo, “has totally revolutionized my orgasm” and she also gives an informed run down on other brand named vibrators. The second article declares, the “Maude vibrator is”an understated, elegant sculpture that looks so classy you could leave it out on your nightstand as art. And at $45 [half the price of the Lelo], it’s an honest-to-the-orgasm-gods steal.”

If you’re feeling stressed – post Black Friday and pre-Xmas – these two articles are well worth 5 minutes of your time.

From Glamour: This Might Be the Best Vibrator I’ve Ever Tried Read more >>

From Glamour: This Vibrator Is the Ultimate Way to DestressRead more>>

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