What do advertising, dating, sex and politics have in common? A lot!

Dating site OkCupid has launched a new campaign betting that your heartstrings and sex drive are inextricably tied to politics and they’re looking to tap into “young users’ progressive positions” – political, not sex positions.

OkCupid’s global chief marketing officer, Melissa Hobley said, “What’s cool is that there are entire generations of young people saying, ‘I’m actually not interested in a conversation—let alone a date with someone—if you aren’t engaged in what’s going on in the world.’” We need a helluva a lot more of this type of engagement from young people. Although the lack of knowledge in both politics and sex are equally problematic.

We’ve always known sex and politics are common bedfellows – legit or illegit – but this concept is aimed at whole new mental filter to picking your next date or life partner. And that’s a good thing. We (the Love & Sexcess editors) would add: In pursuit of the best possible partnership, read and advance both your political and sexual knowledge and understanding.

The ad concept is clever, cute and …. hopefully catalyzes the intellectually and sexually curious process of finding the right partner.

“It’s OK to choose Mr. Right based on how far left he leans.”

Research confirmed that differing political views topped users’ lists of “deal-breakers,” thus the pointed headlines like: “It’s Ok To Be A Party-Line Voter And A Swing Dater.” The campaign expands beyond the political “into sex, love and attraction” through the use of animations that set up the OkCupid questions.


Perhaps campaigns like this will help in the broader social need for more and better sex education – every little bit helps.

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