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Why don’t we allow women to value sex in their life? [podcast]

“When women ‘give’ sex somehow they decrease in value and when men ‘get’ sex somehow they increase in value.”

Here’s a great chat. An introductory commentary (1 minute read) and a podcast (1 hour) with two well-informed, young women about the dearth of sex education, which also offers many insights into the world of sexual pleasure.

Andrea Barrica, CEO and Founder of O School, says, “As a culture we are afraid of sex, afraid of pleasure,” and she and a group of “pleasure professionals” spend a lot of time helping people learn what they never learned in sex education. And unlearn much of what was wrong about what we were taught.

This video chat (transcript provided) with Andrea and Christina Cerqueira was live-streamed and includes stories and input from other women online. It’s like ‘hanging out with the gals’ for an hour and getting into the down and dirty of sex and sex education.

“Identifying as a sex positive person doesn’t mean you want a lot of sex, it means communicating about what you want and need.”

It’s worth dropping in to hear what these two bright women, and other women, have to say. Illuminating. Insightful. Real. And educational.

Read commentary and view video >>


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