120,000 people started extra-marital affairs in January!

And there are dating sites dedicated to cheating, to “illicit encounters.”

According to a UK study by an online dating site, IllicitEncounters, there are certain times of the year when we cheat more than others. January is the most “popular” month for fuckin’ around. So much for those New Year’s resolutions about being faithful.

Regardless of all the data on cheating, if you are a statistic of “1,” it’s one too many.

“Lies, damned lies, and statistics.” – Mark Twain or Benjamin Disraeli

This article from Good to Know, offers 12 tell-tale signs to look for if you’re worried about being included in the statistics. Of course, you only have a 50-50 chance of not being included. It’s estimated that half of us cheat – 60% of men and 40% of women.

Here are a few highlights. Maybe they should be called low points?

  • 50,000 individuals with partners in the UK will start an affair this week.
  • Technology makes it easier to have an affair.
  • Friends and family often notice things are not quite right.
  • Beware if he’s over-attentive.
  • He starts doing something in in bed … could be because someone is teaching him something new in another bed.

The article also cautions that there can be an “innocent explanation.”

Unfortunately, the article does not cover signs that “she” might be cheating – unless most of the signs are the same. Either way, there’s a 40% chance she is cheating.

If ever, there was a case for all of us to create better sex lives and better relationships, these “lies, damn lies and statistics” should be all the evidence we need. So read, understand and grow your relationships – it’s much better than cheating!

Read the rest of the article at GoodtoKnow >>

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