Why are so many women injecting their bodies with toxins …

with unapproved plastic surgeons’ snake oil and lethal overdoses of their own insecurity. For what?

Back in December, we ran two articles from Glamor and Refinery29 on the growing trends – and dangers – in plastic surgery, and the frightening increase in the number of women turning their beauty and health over to the predatory world of plastic surgery.

Both articles, Botox Brides. OMG! What Are We Injecting Into a Marriage and Beware the Designer Vagina (see links below), were the most popular last month so this week we’ve added another article/video to our library with the warning: Your butt is for excreting toxins, not injecting them.

Warning label

This toxic crap was extracted from a woman’s butt. It could have killed her. It has others!

First, a point of caution. As in every business, from car sales to health products, plastic surgery comes with a large warning label: Caveat Emptor. Our first caution is, don’t do it – love who you are! Secondly, if you – and your insecurity – thinks you must, triple-check who you’re dealing with.

In the Botox Brides article, the fact that women just getting married feel they need to “enhance” their beauty does not bode well for the marriage. In the Designer Vagina article, the myths and risks are preposterous and any woman contemplating such foolery should first do a helluva lot of reading – books like: The Vagina Bible; Womanhood: The Bare Reality; and Woman: An Intimate Geography (all 25% off at the Love & Sexcess Bookstore).

Here’s the short BBC video (2:48) on the “back street cosmetic surgery” for butt enhancement. Butt enhancement is not only stupid, it can kill you. As one doctor states, “It’s like putting a ticking time bomb in your body.” And the risk can apply to most, if not all, questionable cosmetic procedures and should scare the hell out of any self-thinking, comfortable-in-her-own-skin woman.

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