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Fixed On You – a tough fix, despite great sex

(The first book in a trilogy)

“When I fuck you, it will be for free.” – Hudson Pierce

In the real world there is always a cost to ‘fucking,’ which isn’t necessarily bad, as long as you are willing, and want to, pay the price. If the will and the want aren’t there, then it sure as hell isn’t ‘free.’

In this hot-paced story – not too fast, not too slow – the fix is in (another bad cliche) from the start, and the reader rides the tension of never knowing if the fix gets fixed. Although the plot is a little contrived and the romantic pairing a little too perfect, the main characters – Alayna and Hudson – have dysfunctional backgrounds that provide an authentic context. Unfortunately, it includes the overused, fictionalized theme of a billionaire’s “project” – a cold, sociopathic rationale for bedding a beautiful young woman and having endless sex.

Alayna meets Hudson, sexy meets sexy, dark meets hot, caution meets carnal, lust meets lust and dysfunction meets dysfunction. Can love overcome?

The attraction is irresistible and the sex is good, better than either have ever had. But not so much different than what a lot of real people have had. It never quite bursts through the fantasy ceiling, doesn’t soar beyond reality. But it’s good! And in the context of two ‘pain bodies,’ overloaded with family baggage, the desire to escape and the need to find themselves, carries the reader along on a search for redemption – with great sex being the prescribed antidote.

Can Hudson be fixed? Can Alayna be fixed? Are they destined to be cursed? Or cured? It’s a tough fix, even with good intentions, banks of money and all-consuming sex.

Fixable – maybe? Realistic – maybe?

Fixed On You is the first in a trilogy and ends leaving Alayna and Hudson – and you – wanting more.

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