The quick and dirty gets classy and discreet at a Love Hotel

“There’s no sex like hotel sex.”

When it comes to the world of sex, nothing is new, but so much about sex can be new in your world. Because there is so much we don’t know and so much we can learn and experience. Like a night, or an hour – yep, you can rent a room for an hour – at a classy Love Hotel.

Now in Canada.

Hilary and Sandra of The Quick & The Dirty podcast have a fun discussion with Priscilla Tang who last year opened the first Love Hotel in Toronto. And if popularity is a measure, then there are more to come. Of course, Love Hotels are not new, they have been in Japan for centuries and there are currently more than 10,000 in that country. These are not your typical “honeymoon hotels” found in the US, they’re much more discreet, private and low key. And although they may serve the same “purpose” as the “No-tell Motels,” they are a world away from that seedy side of life.

“Hotel sex is about sex.” – Sandra

In Toronto, Priscilla Tang operates a boutique hotel offering “fantasy rooms” designed like an authentic Japanese love hotel. One of the rooms, “The Liberator” was inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey, and comes complete with infinity mirrors and a few of the requisite “toys.”

There is no lobby, no front desk, no check-in, no keys and guests have no face to face interaction with customer service personnel. It’s just you and yours.

Tang says most of their customers are local, not out-of-towners. They serve all manner of clientele from millennials who want to indulge in the wonders of hotel sex, at a reasonable price, to downtown professionals who want to … do what we all want to do and enjoy the wild and wonderful escape of hotel sex.

It’s a great concept, in response to a very human need in most relationships – escape, renew, refresh … and yes, cheat. Tang says, “It’s an escape, an unleashing parts of yourself … very freeing.”


  • “Rest for an hour” –  $70
  •  “Play for two hours” – $120
  • Overnight – $200-$270
  • Student rates – they are tapping into the growing need and demand among university students for a place that’s more romantic than an 10′ x 10′ room or a stairwell.

Great discussion with Hilary, Sandra and Priscilla. After listening you just might want to book an opportunity to “unleash parts of yourself.” Unfortunately, they didn’t provide contact information but you can Google it.

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