I can emotionally detach

A peek into a 38 year-old, married women’s diary of an open marriage.

Wow! This story sounds almost ‘normal,’ at least a rationalized normal. In fact, you be the judge as to whether the entire diary entry is one big rationalization or is it a peek into a candid, mature way of dealing with a half-assed loving marriage – half-assed in the sense that partners get half their pieces-of-ass in the marriage and the other half elsewhere.

“So far, it’s working out pretty good [sic] for us.” – diary entry

Then an opportunity comes up for our lady to see an “ex” she “once loved” and things get a little dicey. Her husband’s “openness” isn’t so open and she writes, “My husband is not thrilled with this for a few reasons.”

It’s a honest look into how an open marriage works, or doesn’t.

From New York magazine, The Cut’s Sex Diaries: Read more >>

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