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Playboy gifts – in case you forgot your Valentine on the 14th

Here’s a chance at redemption, more fun and continuing a revolution.

When Playboy was introduced to the uptight, prude, hypocritical world in 1953, with the 1950s sex bombshell, Marilyn Monroe on the cover, it began a sexual revolution as a “men’s lifestyle and entertainment” magazine. It featured beautiful, buxom, show-all women and, of course, articles and the “Playboy Philosophy.” Despite its popularity, the revolution remained behind closed doors and in plain brown envelopes but could be found under men’s mattresses everywhere, eventually selling over 7 million copies (1972).

Back then, most of the men, and many women, read Playboy (and gawked and masturbated) and never talked about it. When they dared talk about it, they offered the lame rationale, ‘I read it for the articles and philosophy.’ Right?

Playboy is still around and yet the sexual revolution is still in the shameful, dark shadows of ignorance and apathy – lots more freedom for LGBTTQ, but most heterosexual partners are still as illiterate about sex as they were in the 1950s. Men and women everywhere are having sex, gawking at porn and hardly ever taking the time to ‘read articles,’ let alone read and develop a modicum of sexual philosophy. And the ‘beat’ goes on.

Only 49% of heterosexual women are satisfied with their sex life. Only 51% of men. That’s a relationship travesty! – The Vagina Bible

The vast majority of couples just have sex. Because they can. It’s like riding a bike, once we ‘get it,’ it’s easy. Except the sexual ride in our life is not a two-wheeler, it’s a big wheel, a big deal that drives so much of our fulfillment and happiness. And yet, we not only don’t know much about ‘the ride,’ we don’t even attempt to improve. We don’t read, we just ride and gawk (a.k.a. fuck and masturbate).

The Valentine gift that keeps on giving – and getting

What better time to improve your lifetime role as a true lover, and surprise your favorite Valentine.

Playboy today offers more than gawking time and as a Valentine gift to each other you might want to browse some of the special product offerings the editors curated, from Playboy condoms and T-shirts to coconut love oil and a special vibrator (the Fin Vibrator by Dame is special for a special Valentine – for both of you).

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