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It’s a game with more losers than winners but …

you don’t have to be one of the losers

“Skillful seduction is not a gift bestowed on the beautiful, it’s a series of learned behaviors acquired by the bold.” – Shannon Boodram

It’s long been rumored that women read instruction manuals and men don’t (so why not call them womanuals?), which suggests that when it comes to sex men are never going to be very good at it, thereby, leaving it to the women to learn how the mysterious, complex, male-female, desire, sex, love relationship works – and doesn’t.

This book is a must-read if you want to build a fulfilling, romantic, satisfying sex-filled life for yourself. And Shannon Boodram is the kind of woman you will want to read, listen to and follow.

“I am here to wake your butt up by letting you know that despising your experiences as a single person is not normal.” – Shannon

Shannon Boodram, author, sexologist

Great book! Great advise!

Between the covers of this book is all you need to know – well, almost all – about how to become a master dater in sixty days. Which every single woman could use amid the tumult of the tweaky, twitty, scary techie dating scene.  Dating has always been complicated, but never like the techie jungle we face today, so Shannon has written a ‘womanual’ for better navigation.

As she candidly states, “Most people have no clue what they’re doing, no idea what they’re doing wrong and thus, absolutely no concept of how to change the direction of their romantic fate.” Despite our deep human need for close, comfortable, safe relationships we do so very little to understand, practice and improve them, just bouncing from one to another with no learning, no reflection, no inner discovery.

I became a sexologist because I couldn’t understand why we, as a society, were leaving such a critical component of our well-being up to chance. – Shannon

She embarks on a group experiment and tells the stories of six women who join her on an in depth exploration of what works and what doesn’t, why, and what to do about it. She says, “In other important areas like our career, finances and health, we are taught that if we want to excel we must study, seek out expert guides and practice proven behaviors.” And yet, when it comes to dating, romance, sex and relationships we basically don’t study much at all.

 Six women who came into this program aching with rejection and disappointment all left with very different, but also all very powerful, outcomes.

So she does it for you, and sets it out in an easy-to-understand, often funny, stories that are part of a five phase program And the stories are exhibit A, showing how women can become everything they should because they did almost everything they’ve been told they shouldn’t do.

  • Phase One: Know who you’ve become
  • Phase Two: Change the habits and perceptions that are holding you back
  • Phase Three: Learn from experts
  • Phase Four: Practice what you’ve learned in low-risk environments
  • Phase Five: Be the person you’ve always wanted to be

In interviewing many single women she continually got comments like these:

  • “Dating is a chore. . . . Most people I meet are disrespectful and just want sex.”
  • “Dating is draining, men are extremely immature and misogynistic.”
  • “Dating is annoying because it feels like I’m starting something that won’t finish the way I want it to.”
  • “Dating is confusing because people want all the benefits of a relationship but don’t actually want to commit.”

The book covers a great deal, from “making dating your favorite hobby” and “how to make your best dating profile” to “how and why woman should make the first move” and “why applying vaginal fluids to other body parts (e.g., neck) can make you irresistible.”

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Also see her Playboy Advisor video, The Female Orgasm (7:56 min) – well worth watching >>

Coming soon …

In the weeks ahead, we will be reviewing Shannon Boodram’s earlier book, Laid: Young People’s Experiences with Sex in an Easy-Access Culture.

She wrote:

“In school, we spent several units learning about dinosaurs and only two classes learning about sex. Well, since that time, I’ve never encountered a single T-Rex, but I have been confronted by plenty of dicks.” In the same vein, I’ve never found a practical use for knowing how to sing “O, Canada!” in French, but everything I’ve ever learned about the psychology of attraction has made my life and relationships richer. I also happen to know that the group who completed my five-phase program would say the same.


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