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What you should know about getting laid

not just the ‘first time’ but throughout those young, risky early years

We say risky because early sex is perhaps the riskiest thing you will engage in in your entire life. it can be a make-or-break time as far as your sexual life is concerned. What you know then can have consequences for life – good or bad.

The gift and the curse of a woman’s body is that it creates so much pleasure for her partner, but often that same pleasure is not reciprocated. Guys may be able to find sexual release with almost anyone, but the female body is an instrument that takes time to master and understand.

This is a must-read book for every young person, including young – as in naive – in your understanding of sex, no matter what age you are.

Shannon Broodram has put together a marvelous collection of stories from people aged 18-25 and they will teach you more than most parents and any school sex education program. It’s like intimate conversations with friends you hang out with – and hook up with.

The best way to review this book is to give you some highlights, to whet your appetite and arouse your interest. Then dive in. Time spent reading Laid is an investment in gaining real-life insights that can lead to a healthy, exciting sex life. What could be more fun, pleasurable and worthwhile.

What that amazing sex life entails is up to you. Sexuality is an extremely personal aspect of every individual’s life.

  • I completely disagree with the notion that we shouldn’t be teaching young people about how great sex can be. It is important for teens to know the parameters of a healthy sexual relationship so they are better able to judge whether they are in one. After all, would parents and educators prefer children went by TV’s standards—or, even worse, music’s standards—of when the time is right?“In school, we spent several units learning about dinosaurs and only two classes learning about sex. Well, since that time, I’ve never encountered a single T-Rex, but I have been confronted by plenty of dicks.” In the same vein, I’ve never found a practical use for knowing how to sing “O, Canada!” in French, but everything I’ve ever learned about the psychology of attraction has made my life and relationships richer. I also happen to know that the group who completed my five-phase program would say the same.
  • By the age of eighteen, I felt trapped by my own sexuality. I was in a lot of emotional pain, and I didn’t find that I was experiencing the physical gain to justify it.

Hooking up is nothing more than settling; it is the microwavable burrito of sex.

  • People will want what you’ve told them they can expect—so use your body as a way to market yourself only if that’s what you intend to sell.
  •  Could it be that sex is truly not love’s currency?
  • I exhaled, then focused on making my body limp. He pushed again, but when he still couldn’t fit, he applied more pressure. The pain was ridiculous. My eyes started to tear up. He pushed a little harder and finally broke through. I felt something snap inside me; then the pain was gone and replaced by a feeling of nothingness. Maybe it was numbness—I’m not quite sure how to explain it. So this is the first time … I could feel his body stiffening inside mine, and I held tighter, not prepared to let him go just yet. I liked being so close to him this way. It made me feel important, like I was the only one who could make his body roll this way.

Could it be that sex is truly not love’s currency?

  • How you feel about yourself reflects on everything you will ever do in this world. Your self-esteem can either make or break your sexual life. If you understand how wonderful you are as a complete person, people won’t see you as an easy target for no-strings-attached sexual activities. If others know that you value yourself, the only people who will step to you are the ones who think the world of you as well.

Maybe getting sex out of the way was going to be good for our relationship; now we could focus on other things.

  • Honestly, the thing I regret the most about the whole situation isn’t losing my virginity; it’s the fact that I didn’t hold him accountable for his actions.
  • Good story (19 year old Amethyst): IT WAS ON A PARTICULARLY HOT SATURDAY IN SEPTEMBER that I met Erik. Though he was still a boy by societal standards, he was five years my senior and was—to me, anyway—a full-grown, sexually experienced manly man: the perfect specimen for my very first sexual conquest.
  • How do you know if you’re being used for sex?

For the rest of the stories, you will have to buy the book. A great return on investment in your sex life.

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