‘Cheating hearts’ need alibis …

There’s more cheating then alibis but here are the most popular ones – if you’re suspicious.

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Current research indicates that both men and women are equally likely to cheat on their partner, a statistic that used to favor men in the past. [Not sure “favor” is the right modifier].

Either way, and unfortunately, monogamy does not seem to fulfill everyone’s sex starved body and marriage is more and more becoming an ‘until death do us part … maybe’ commitment.

There are lots of statistics that clarify the muddy situation of monogamy, which, arguably, is not natural for we homo sapiens. But this marriage thing is still big in western society and it’s here to stay. So best we learn how to make the best of it.

One statistic from the American Psychological Association (APA) is that infidelity in the United States accounted for [only] 20-40 percent of divorces. So there is hope for the marriage even if he or she wander.

If you’re curious, check out more statistics in our Sex by the Numbers section. And if you’re worried, check out this article from GoodtoKnow on the most popular alibis for cheating partners. Don’t be clueless, use these clues.

One of the excuses is good for a chuckle – not that this is a laughing matter. Some partners say they’re “walking the dog” when in fact they’re probably “doing the dog” with someone else. You have to wonder, what’s the dog doing?

From GoodtoKnow.

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