Cheating is cheating … on yourself

It’s a need – a ‘void’ – cheating women need to understand.

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From Your tango, here’s one woman’s story: I Cheated On Every partner I Had – Here’s Why by Alex Alexander.

“I thrived on the newness of a ripped body pressed up against mine.”

It’s the question of ‘Why?’ that matters most. And if a woman ever hopes to have a fulfilling sex life, it’s important she understands why she cheats or thinks she might cheat. This article opens a window onto how one woman found her way out of an addiction to cheating that “was wasting time, disrespecting myself and my partners.” The partners are important but the root cause of the cheating lies within.

“I stopped dating and didn’t have random hook-ups anymore. I got busy taking care of myself.”

This is a good first-insight for any woman who wants to get started on learning how to stop distracting themselves from meaningless sex and relationships.

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