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Sad sex facts and myths about women …

WTF? Can’t somebody tell the truth?

Women don’t just suffer from centuries of myopic, misogynistic, patriarchal cruelty, they suffer from contemporary ignorance that undermines their natural birthright – a healthy, fulfilling sex life.

“Great sex is your birthright; you came into being as the result of orgasm, and your body is perfectly designed for sexual pleasure. You have specialized receptors in your brain, vagina, and clitoris—and throughout your physiology—that serve no other purpose than to give you sensual satisfaction.” – Dr. Laurie Steelsmith

The numbers don’t lie.

  • 2 out of 3 women have faked an orgasm
  • 50% of women don’t orgasm during sex with a partner – that’s often on the partner
  • Men climax 95% of the time. 95% vs 50% is selfishness
  • Too many men are a “little off” geographically. They need a Masters in Female Orgasm (MFO) – see article and video (2 min).
  • tl;dr (too long; didn’t read) isn’t exactly a number about sex but it sure as hell is a glaring symbol of the number of people caught up in the online vortex of ignorance. It’s like premature ejaculation (“too long; didn’t wait”),  ignorance in the art, science and truth of sex – which is mainly caused by ignorance in the art, science and truth of sex. Which is not giving a fuck about your partner’s needs.
  • Did you know? If a hymen tears or bruises it heals. And the size of the hymen doesn’t vary depending on whether the vagina has been penetrated. And it usually doesn’t bleed.
  • 40% of people in a placebo study group for sexual dysfunction reported that the drug (a sugar pill) improved their sex lives. OMG, at least half of their problem is in their head. You too?
  • When women are depressed, 50% have a decreased interest in sex, 40% have no change and 9.5% have an increased interest. See mini-story, Grieving Sex. (For men it’s: 35% / 55% / 10% respectively).

“Even though you were born with the potential for great sex, it’s not a given. You have to nurture your capacity for it, allow it time to grow and flourish, and nourish it with care and loving attention.”– Dr. Steelsmith

Read, read, read. Become the smartest lover in the bedroom.

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