Fake, fake fake, fake …

What’s the difference between Gwyneth Paltrow and Julia Louis-Dreyfus?

Julia calls something fake when it’s fake; Gwyneth calls something real when it’s fake.

Remember the Seinfeld episode when Elaine and Jerry were talking about sex and their sexual performance and she, to his incredulity, said, “Fake , fake, fake, fake.” That’s calling a spade a spade and a fake orgasm what it is (not to mention disappointing for the woman and failure of the man). Ya’ gotta love the truth. Demand it.

Not so Gwyneth Paltrow

Glamour did an article on Paltrow’s vagina candle, which exposes the depth and extent of the fake at Goop. In fact, the essence of the Goop empire is fake (and yet it’s making a fortune). It’s grounded in fake. Gwyneth has been sued, women have been injured and sick from her questionable ideas and many of the products she offers are somewhere between snake oil and … goop.

Goop Vagina Candles

We have included a clip of her on Jimmy Kimmel (13 min) talking about vagina candles that are labelled: “This Smells Like My Vagina.” Some people think it’s clever, some disgusting. But the real wonder is: What does Gwyneth think? Who knows? You can watch the entire Kimmel bit and still not know what she thinks about her candles. Or much else about the products and goopy, loopy services and advice she doles out.

On Kimmel, when talking about the vagina candles she admitted she hadn’t known that the vagina was only the vaginal canal, excluding the vulva. Yikes! She only recently found out from a sex therapist what the vagina really is. And yet, this is the woman spewing advise to millions of women.

Then, when talking about the Goop staff she said, “We are all free thinkers and able to do things and try things that might benefit our wellness.” OMG! They’re “trying things.” A bunch of “free thinkers” are just trying and doing – and we’re all paying for it. In more ways than one. I think Jim Jones and his cult group were trying things too in Jonestown, Guyana, until they tried too much Koolaid.

She hems and haws her way through the Kimmel interview pretending to be some kind of free spirit and strong feminist. She claims her 14-year-old son said, “You’re a feminist mom, you’re a bad-ass.” And yet, she has difficulty saying the word vagina and uses euphemistic phrases like, “all that down there,” as she ways her arms in the general direction of her genitals. No wonder she got sued.

How does a women who is not even comfortable with her own sexuality have any credibility in advising women to put rocks in their vaginas or steam “all that down there?” (see earlier article). And then when Kimmel smelled the candle and said it didn’t smell like a vagina, she said, “Well … it’s not really supposed to smell like a vagina.” What? Jimmy immediately suggested, “That’s false advertising.” No shit.

Caveat emptor! Beware the power of celebrity, it can be dangerous for your sex life.

Goop is false. Fake. Pretend. And predatory.

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