Stopping the spread of Covid-19 is tougher than STD but …

we all must do our part and “Practice Safe Six”

(From Playboy: Clever, smart, insightful, important 1 min video)

See the similarities between Covid-19’s “safe six” and “safe sex”, have a chuckle and know that although they have viral commonalities, one could kill you while the other can only badly irritate your precious anatomy. Other than the lupine, sex-starved idiots who jammed into the Lake of the Ozarks pool party and Toronto’s Trinity Bellwoods Park, most of us are probably pretty good at the safe-distancing, safe-sex practices demanded by Covid-19. But too many of us are not good enough and we must get a lot better.

It doesn’t matter how young and virile you are if you’re irresponsibly practicing sexual intercourse during Covid-19 sexual distancing era and don’t know where your partner has been. If you know your partner and you are “clear,” no problem. Same as STD. But if one of you doesn’t know (haven’t been tested), it could kill you. Or your partner. Or his or her parents. Or grandparents. Or your cousin’s new born baby. Or the next sexual partner. Risky business.

Everyone must remind everyone, every day, that everyone is at risk every day, in every way.

Enjoy this 60 second, clever, insightful video and then send it to everyone you know who is at risk of violating sexual distancing before the quarantine is over. The up-tick in phone sex and masturbation is a good sign that responsible adults are aware of the dangers, not just to themselves but to all whom they love and make love to. Follow these six tips in everything you do.

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