This is sex education where the homework is fun

and the benefits go far beyond ‘good grades!

Too many women are flunking the basics for getting a passing grade in pleasure. Too many women are not the woman they can be, should be and want to be. As NYT bestselling author, Regena Thomashauer says in her TEDx Talk, “You are not living the design of what it means to be a woman.”

Her TEDx Talk (19 min), The Pleasure Revolution, just might get you started on breaking through the glass ceiling of ignorance that so many women live under, and go through life missing out on so much pleasure.

“There is an international epidemic among women of self-hatred, self-deprecation and self-doubt … It’s a matter of ignorance.” – Regena Thomashauer

This lady serves up a cirriculum’s worth of information about pleasure – with a narcissistic flair– and after being carried on stage by a bunch of men, accompanied by upbeat dance music, she delivers an upbeat, “wild and crazy” challenge to women: Stop settling for “crumbs,” and start getting the pleasure you not only deserve, but need.

Pleasure (noun): Happy satisfaction or enjoyment.

She defines pleasure and declares her mission is to teach women the power of pleasure and to learn how to love themselves. In our culture “pleasure is an empty place,” it lacks value and when most women think of pleasure they think “sex.” That’s not right she states because “pleasure doesn’t mean sex. Sex means sex. And sex doesn’t always mean pleasure, especially for women.” She’s got that right. She tells a story of a 15 year old girl who attended one of her seminars and book signings and when asked why she was there, the girl had a perspicacious answer.

 “It’s the first time I ever heard the sound of a woman who loves herself.” – 15 year-old girl.

Watch the TEDx Talk and then read the book review of her bestselling book, Pussy: The Reclamation. Then decide if you’re going to be part of the revolution or sit on the sidelines and continue to watch pleasure marching past.

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