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As a lover, Covid-19 is an opportunity for …

deeper thought, reflection, vulnerability, sharing and growth.

Joree Rose is a “guide” – a well-qualified, professional counselor and therapist – “dedicated to guiding people to cultivate tools to create lasting change … and transform their lives.” Mindfulness. Meditation. Workshops. Classes. One-on-one. She offers a place many women should visit and stay awhile during, what she calls, our “Journey Forward.” Drop in and see her, you’ll enjoy the visit.

Recently, she did a podcast, The Future of Men, with Jed Diamond, author of 12 Rules for Good Men (see book review), and we want to share the podcast, which is particularly relevant during the isolation of the pandemic.

The interview doesn’t just focus on his recent book (the latest of sixteen books he’s authored) rather it’s a wide ranging discussion in which he and Joree walk us through some of the reasons for self-examination. They talk about how we can dig deeper and admit our vulnerabilities, embrace change, heal past-scars and improve our outlook, health and well-being.

BTW, Jed does talk about some of the “12 rules” from his book and how men, and women, are trapped in centuries of traditional roles and don’t know how to breakout of the cyclical imprisonment. The 12 rules are for those men – and women – who want to break the debilitating cycle.  The podcast and the book are excellent resources for any heterosexual partnership, or any man or woman, interested in fostering a loving, strong and nurturing relationship. It’s a good investment of your time (55 min).

 “The only person I can change is me.”– Joree Rose

The relationship bog

Jed Diamond

There is nothing quite like being cooped up together for an extended period to bring out the finer details and nuances of a relationship – and not all good. But discovering our vulnerabilities and inherent insecurities can be revelatory, renewing and bring new growth – individually and in the partnership.

Jed Diamond speaks to the reality of being forced together and how that creates two options, either deny the problems we now see more clearly or look closer at ourselves and have the courage to go deeper. Joree has a good metaphor for the changed situation. She says that in normal times we usually just shine a “flashlight” on our circumstances, however, in these times of isolation it’s a “floodlight” that’s turned onto the relationship. It’s much harder to ignore but still, too many of us do.

Of course, we all know it’s not easy, it takes courage. Joree says, “It’s a delicate dance” when approaching a partner. But love is about dancing, and it’s a long, slow, lifetime dance that we should embrace. And the opportunity that the coronavirus offers us is perhaps the only good thing the invidious virus is doing to our society. Let’s embrace the opportunity.

“It won’t happen automatically, it happens to the degree of our intent and our willingness.” – Jed Diamond

Top tips

Near the end of the chat, Joree asks Jed what his top three tips are:

  1. Start looking deeply at ourselves and what needs to be healed (fears and anxieties).
  2. Be vulnerable. Use this opportunity to communicate with partner – and/or your inner-self.
  3. Take this time to focus on and increase your health through better diet and more exercise.

Those three alone are a great start and can make a significant difference. So listen to the podcast, it’s well worth the investment of your time.

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