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Playboy Advisor presents Episode One: The Female Orgasm.

Don’t miss Shannon Boodram’s graphic illustration of the wondrous workings of the female orgasm.

Stop suffering in silence. Silence is an unnecessary and despicable killer of sex.

To break the silence we’ve embedded the Playboy Advisor video (7:56) with Shannon Boodram right here so you can learn more in 8 minutes than you probably learned in your first 8 years of sexual experience. It’s amazing what so many of us do not know about – stuck in silence – that are the most basic parts of a woman’s anatomy.

To call yourself a ‘lover’ and not know these wonderful aspects of sex is … well, to be a con man, or a silent woman aiding and abetting her own dissatisfaction.

Host Shan Boodram is clear and concise about every amazing little detail. She gives you several definitive “dos and don’ts” and if, as partners, you watch this together, you can breakthrough your silence and start some honest sexual communications – and more pleasure. As she says, what you probably know about the clitoris is just the “tip of the iceberg,” which could be both a pun and a double-entendre. And what about the bartholin glands? The skene’s gland? And cunnilingus “orbiting?”

Watch, learn, break the silence and become better lovers.

And see our book review of Shan’s book, Game of Desire: 5 Surprising Secrets to Dating with Dominance – and Getting What You Want >>

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