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What are men so afraid of? You’d be surprised – or not!

A man’s “fear” tells you more than anything else – and it should make you fearful.

Here’s an excellent 9 minute video from Brian Nox that explains how fear manifests itself as insecurity and that insecurity is a flashing red light: “Stop.” “Get out.” You be the one to disappear before he does. Because he will, sooner or later – guaranteed.

“A goldfish can give her more affection and companionship than this guy ever will.”

Nox talks about how to realize you are “on the wrong train when it comes to love,” and see that your partner “is proving it day after day.” And to get the hell off the train.

Too many women put up with too much because they have too much hope and what he says is “mistake #2: A high level of tolerance.” You’re putting up with too much shit! His advice: Stop looking at “what could be, instead of looking at what is.”

BTW, Mistake #1: Basing the relationship on how much you like him instead of how much he likes you. He says, “An avalanche of problems start from this. It’s a domino effect.”

“Don’t threaten to leave, just leave.”

“Inconsiderate men do not deserve any attention” and eventually will leave because they are not willing, or able, to put in more than the “minimum amount of effort to get what they want, which is often sex and never a committed relationship.” Get out!

Nox also talks about “good men, mature men” and why they respect a woman, one who loves herself, has loads of self-respect and strong values. You know, the kind of woman you can be, really are, just haven’t learned how to build and unleash the real you.

At the end of the 9 minutes, if you are in a questionable relationship, you should be armed with open eyes, a few principles and a new verve for renewing your self-respect and … perhaps, deciding it’s “time to disappear on him.”

Well worth 9 minutes of your time

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