“Sex takes the least amount of time and yet …

causes the most amount of trouble” – John Barrymore.

No woman needs a clock to confirm Barrymore’s claim that most of the time, the time invested in sex is too short … quick, fast, down and over. And too many times, it’s one of the reasons women don’t want to spend more time having sex. Research has found that 46% of women would rather have a good-night’s sleep than sex.

The average time it takes a woman to reach orgasm is 13.46 minutes. – Journal of Sexual Medicine

Yikes – 13 minutes! And that’s “after adequate sexual arousal.” In the study, the shortest time was 12.76 minutes. Research also confirms that far too many women don’t even have an orgasm and only 31% have an orgasm during penetrative sex. The relationship between time and sex – satisfactory female sex – is an obvious problem. And yet, despite our supposedly more open social approach to sex over the last few decades, this troubling problem continues. In the same study, women indicated the number one problem was “not being stimulated sufficiently.”

Elsewhere, we’ve cited research that claims there are more than 120 million acts of sexual intercourse in the world, everyday, which, based on John Barrymore’s premise, suggests one helluva lot of trouble is being caused in the world of sex, every day.

A rush to ignorance

Usually, the conclusion is that men’s rush to satisfaction prevents women from their satisfaction, but there are plenty of caring, loving men who spend more than the least amount of time trying to do their best – certainly longer than 13 minutes – and yet, the trouble persists. Could it be … ignorance? As in not knowing what to do, when, where and how. For decades, tens-of-millions of men have spent a lot of time looking for their woman’s G-spot, never knowing there is no G-spot (see Article, The G-spot Does Not Exist). And it’s not just unwitting men, it’s women too. If they’re not ‘good students’ of their anatomy, needs and desires, they can’t be ‘good teachers.’

It’s the blind leading the blind, the ignorant following the ignorant.

So, heterosexual couples stumble through a time warp of failure and in less than 15 minutes create more trouble than satisfaction. But it doesn’t have to be this way. If both partners knew what to do, when, where and how, the time would increase and the trouble decrease.

The big trouble with the ‘Big O’

For hundreds of millions of women, there are many reasons they have trouble with orgasms, but most are tied to time – not enough. This article from Red covers the basics:

  • Women say that not being stimulated sufficiently tops the list of problems.
  • Getting on top gives women the most pleasure.
  • The average time it takes a woman to reach orgasm is 13.46 minutes. Times recorded ranged from 12.76 minutes to 14.06 minutes, however, almost a fifth of respondents reported they never reached an orgasm.
  • Most women don’t climax during penetrative sex – with just 31.4% doing so. Oral and other forms of sexual activity were discovered to be just as – if not more – important.

For more see article in Red >>

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Masters in Female Orgasm – a quick study.

Here’s a 2-minute video – well worth your time – of real-life, young couples discovering their ignorance and lack of communications about the female orgasm, including some handy classroom instructions. Watch Masters in Female Orgasm >>

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