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Funny TED TALK on orgasmic enlightenment

at the intersection of sex and science.

Nobody has more fun talking about sex than Mary Roach. And writing about it, as she does in her blockbuster book, Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Sex and Science. Watch her 31 million viewed TED TALK first, and if you want more, read the book.

Roach is on a mission to discover, to enlighten, and to have a helluva lot of laughs along the way. And she’s all in, so to speak:

Roach and her spectacularly gracious husband, Ed, went to London, where they performed coitus inside a hospital room while Jing Deng of the University College London Medical School, maneuvers an ultrasound wand over their significant body parts, pausing only to reboot his computer.

Here’s an excerpt from the book:

A physician and psychotherapist, mustered 16 prostitutes and 32 feminists into their lab, where they manually stimulated their vaginal walls. The results? More than three-fourths of the prostitutes had an orgasm, compared with only one in eight feminists. While antifeminists will probably have a field day with these results, the intent wasn’t to measure frigidity according to political stance, but to determine whether penile thrusting alone was an efficient way of inducing female orgasm. (It’s not.)

Enjoy her TED TALK (16 min).


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