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To be a true lover, every guy needs a Masters in Female Orgasms (MFO)

Men constantly fail at sex and yet women continually give them a pass. Why?

Here’s a 2 minute video course with real people telling us in why. Basically because so many of us – women and men – don’t know what the fuck we’re doing when it comes to sex, let alone love-making.

A funny video and scary facts

This quickie video reveals some real truths about how dumb guys are when it comes to being good lovers. The video is funny but the facts are not. Watch it together, maybe it will light the fire of desire in him to try and get a passing grade. Who knows, maybe one day a Masters degree.

Of course, being a straight ‘A’ student takes hard work – reading books and articles, watching videos (porn doesn’t count), studying together, being open and honest, sharing the real you, and practice, practice, practice. Most men say ‘fuck it’ and just go back to fucking, and most women won’t put in the effort to understand and demand more, and just go back to ‘putting out.’

Sexual ignorance, shame, embarrassment and a lack of caring and curiosity are the enemy.


Non-educated heterosexual men
“Men who don’t know how to please a woman” are the largest demographic group in the animal kingdom – enabled by the seconded largest group, women who don’t know their own sexuality. This failing crosses all demographics: gender, race, class and nationalities. And psychographics: insecirity, stress, frustration, shame, embarrassment. It’s a pandemic. Not deadly, but more capable of killing a relationship than almost any other affliction. And it is a serious, widespread affliction.
Masters Degree home study assignment
Like getting a good job and having a successful career, getting a degree in love and sex is a minimum requirement. Because this isn’t ditch digging – not that we have anything against ditch diggers.
The book review of Come As You Are by Dr. Emily Nagoski is a good starting point, as are numerous other books (see introductory reading assignment below), as well as many of the insights in the Articles and Essay sections. If ‘knowledge is king,’ then every women wants a king, not a stud. As many women know, most studs are duds because it’s not what you do, it’s what you know and how you do it that matters. Dr. Nagoski covers this beautifully in her book.
What’s your SAT score?
Every man should have to pass a basic ‘entrance exam’ and get a minimum SAT score (Sex Aptitude Test). If he can’t pass, then he’s required to home study (together) and work toward a passing grade and then … maybe, a Masters.
Lack of incentive
Like most things we humans undertake, we do them because there is an incentive. A satisfactory return. A bonus. A discount. A 2-for-1. Or a membership rewards program. Unfortunately, men get all this – from women – without having to earn it.
Here’s a sample “sex rewards program” (SRP) that most men automatically get by signing up for the “romance me program” (RMP).
  • Satisfaction guaranteed: “Getting off” comes with every serving.
  • Bonus: Intercourse and oral sex, including guaranteed orgasms (guarantee not available to women).
  • Discount: Getting “100% Off” does not require “partner/customer satisfaction.”
  • 2-for-1: Get two orgasms, or as many as you want, without reciprocating.
  • Membership rewards: Earn points and redeem them for more sex, more often.
This is a one-way street, women give and men get. And if women stop giving, men get it somewhere else. There is little incentive for them to improve … unless they desire to be lovers, not just sex partners.
To be a true lover requires a dedication to a lifetime of learning.
Introductory reading assignment
There are many, many sources and here we are suggesting just a few to get you started. Read, explore, learn, understand and make the quest of sexual fulfillment an endearing journey.
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