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Why is “sex ed” all about sex, lies and more lies?

“I’m shocked that we’re still not admitting to young people that a lot of the reasons we have sex is because it feels really, really good.” – Andrea Barrica, CEO, O.school.

Why do we lie to teens about sex? Not just fibs. But downright, dangerous, life-damaging lies. We’ve created a world of lies around sex that’s bigger than Greek mythology. So-called sex education is a joke and preaching abstinence to young people is worse than a Greek tragedy. Why not provide sex ed that teaches pleasure – because it’s the truth?

Sharing the truths of sex is far more loving than lies like, “virginity being ‘a gift’ … you give on the wedding night.” Or requiring ‘abstinence pledges’ that publicly shame students. This myopia breeds a lifetime of sexual curses.

There’s a great article in VICE by Karley Sciortino that exposes the inadequacy of sex ed and tells stories of young women taking things into their own hands and pursuing “alternative sex ed.” Because it’s “so bad.” It explores alternatives, everything from porn and BDSM to ‘abstinence pledges’ and a social media site, “Make Love Not Porn” – where couples, not porn actors, post their own sex-porn. The article provides insights that just might kick-start a new and better curriculum for sex ed.

Shannon Boodram has done it again with her book, Laid.  Actually, this one came before her latest, The Game of Desire (see review) but either way she opens up a wonderful window of opportunity for anyone interested in having a marvelous sex life.

This time young women are the beneficiaries of her in depth, well-searched,  honest insight of what is important in a young woman’s early and ‘first-time’ sex life. She has put together a collection of real, raw, honest stories told by young people that makes it like sitting down with ‘friends’ and having the kind of conversation you always wanted to have.

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