This is irresponsible of your gynecologist

and unnecessarily dangerous for you and your clitoris.

We all know what men think when a woman opens the hood of a car to check what’s wrong with the engine. “WTF does she know about an engine?” And often their right. But a woman is smart enough to call someone who does know, like a mechanic. And when she has a problem with her ‘sex and reproductive engine,’ she calls her mechanic, her gynecologist. Unfortunately, what she probably doesn’t know is that there’s a high likelihood that her gynecologist does not know how her ‘genital engine’ works. Let’s say that again, Does not know.

Forget the problem of ‘sex education’ for young women, this is far worse, a failure of sex education of the doctors trained to take care of women.

It’s not only inexcusably, irresponsible of gynecologists, it’s dangerous for women. This real-life problem for women is a big subject and beyond the scope of this article but there is one women who has been fighting this terrible medical failure for years – and writing lots about it (see link to her article below).

Jessica Ann Pin: Clitoral advocate, warrior, hero – and irreparably sexually damaged by a doctor

“Dr. X robbed me of normal sexual function for the remainder of my adult life. He made it so I can never again feel cunnilingus. He made it so no man will ever be able to give me an orgasm.” – Jessica Ann Pin

Jessica Ann Pin

Hippocrates, the Greek father of medicine, would be proud of Jessica Ann Pin. Because 2,400 years after he established the medical oath: “First do no harm,” she is advocating to get OB/GYNs to remember their oath, something the vast majority do not do. And their association, the American College of OB/GYNs (ACOG) refuses to update the literature and training of their members, saying that new, previously unlearned knowledge “doesn’t fit.” OMG! WTF?

It’s the ignorance of medical professionals that doesn’t fit.

Few women realize that today’s doctors were never taught the complete anatomy of the female clitoris and yet, they continue to practice procedures on these most precious parts of our anatomy. Worse, plastic surgeons are doing irreparable damage during cosmetic and reconstructive surgery simply because they don’t know what the fuck they’re doing. That’s what happened to Jessica.

At age 18, she became one of their victims, robbed of normal sexual function for the remainder of her adult life. This is a tragic story of ignorance, ineptitude and incompetence. Read Jessica’s article on the horrors of this systemic problem (see link below).

Women unite!

“I can tell you with absolute certainty that few doctors can accurately tell you about the clitoris, and that includes the vast majority of gynecologists.” – Dr. Susan Hardwick-Smith, Obstetrics-Gynecology physician

This is unacceptable. How can someone become a “mechanic” and not know all parts of the engine and how it operates? As Jessica writes, during her fight to rectify this situation the ACOG has continually refused to update their information and training. She studied biomedical engineering and pre-med and knows more about clitoral anatomy than most of the damn doctors. She is supported by a few OB/GYNs, like Dr. Susan Hardwick-Smith, but the majority go on probing into women’s most pleasure-giving and life-giving anatomy with complete disregard for her health and well-being. This dearth of knowledge among the OB/GYNs is especially egregious when it comes to the clitoris.

“Here’s the sad truth: we are not taught anything (like, zero) about the clitoris in medical school or Ob/Gyn residency training, let alone growing up in school.” – Dr. Susan Hardwick-Smith

Do these four things:

  1. Read Jessica’ article: The senseless omission of clitoral anatomy from medical textbooks and peruse the wonderful images of your magnificent clitoral anatomy and learn what your OB/GYN probably doesn’t know.
  2. Read gynecologist Dr. Susan Hardwick-Smith’s article, 3 Sexual Anatomy Lessons You & Your Partner Need to Know. It’s enlightening and frightening.
  3. Read Jessica’s article about her tragic labiaplasty surgery, How can I call attention to a problem without criticizing?
  4. Most important! Help Jessica help all women. Follow her on Instagram [jessica_ann_pin], read the many articles she’s written, and join her in her fight. Because it’s every women’s fight. Do it! Now!

Also, have a peek at a review of Dr. Susan’s new book coming out September 29, 2020: Sexually Woke: Awaken the Secrets to Our Best Sex Lives in Midlife and Beyond. Read book review >>

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