Failed orgasms & sexual anxiety are …

a living hell for too many women.

You are not alone.

Millions of women feel shame and embarrassment from not having frequent orgasms and are caught in a never-ending spiral of declining sexual satisfaction.

“My anxiety around sex, climaxing, performing well, pleasing my partner, and making sure they felt like a good lover were all thoughts that kept me from actually climaxing and enjoying sex for myself.”

Here is one woman’s story (Kelly Branyik) in an article at the Elephant Journal that is, sadly, far too common. And be sure and read the comments after the story, they mirror what too many of us experience.

Most notable in the article is after Kelly says, “I browsed the internet,” how often she said, “I learned …” A big part of her problem and all women’s is the lack of knowledge and understanding they have about sexual anxiety and the female orgasm. And yet, there are hundreds of books on both issues and reading one or two could be the easiest and fastest way out of the orgasm desert.

Two books to get you started we recommend: Come As You Are by Dr. Emily Nagoski is an incredible resource for all things sexual, including orgasms and sexual anxiety. It’s a must-read! Also, get a copy of, I Love Female Orgasms: An Extraordinary Guide. These will help you release your anxiety demons much better than a few articles on the internet.

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