“Demisexual:” How can you be half sexual?

Fascinating question.

Sexuality is complicated, intricate and beautiful. And in the interest of having a full and satisfying sex life, we should all know and understand our own sexuality and that of others. Ignorance creates more problems in sex than anything else – from body shame and guilt to penis size and looking for the G-Spot (It doesn’t exist).

Here’s a good article from Your Tango: How I Finally Figured Out I’m Demisexual — And Why Understanding The Asexual Spectrum Matters. It’s one woman’s story of discover (not always easy to figure out) and how demisexual is about not being “sexually aroused or attracted to somebody unless they have an emotional bond to them.” It’s about what a person’s body will and won’t do.

Plus links to “13 signs you’re a demisexual.”

Read more at Your tango >>

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