‘Sex in America’ in 2020

The numbers don’t lie. We’re very average or flunking.

Men’s Health surveyed Americans of all kinds about orgasms, kinks, threesomes, and more. And we’re sharing a slice of what they found. There’s more but this will whet your sexual appetite – for knowledge. There’s more at Men’s Health.

How often? Lowest scores for “Every day” and “Once a month”

Do You Feel Horny Every Day?

How Often Do You Orgasm During Sex?

Congrats, 40-something men: 68% of you orgasm every time you have sex—more than any other demographic. [OMG! You can tell this is in a men’s magazine (Men’s Health), no mention of women’s struggles to orgasm (only 1-in-4 orgasm every time and only 17% “sometimes but not often”)

Are You Satisfied With Your Sex Life?

Yikes! This is a huge condemnation of our sexual lives. Huge! Only 75% of 20-somethings are satisfied and only 60% of 50-somethings. Somebody is doing something wrong! Why would any of us settle for anything less than 90%.

Geez, we push our kids to get straight ‘As’ in school and yet let them spend their entire sex lives barely getting a passing mark.

The number don’t lie. We’re somewhere between ‘average’ and flunking when it comes to sex. That’s a long way from actually loving a partner, whether they’re 20 or 50 years old. Shameful.

Obviously, we don’t know what the fuck we are doing. Time to seek out some knowledge and learn a thing or two about how to become a great lover.

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