New Year’s resolutions for better sex …

can be a great Christmas gift or a brilliant Hanukkah flame

(4 min read).

New Year’s resolutions are like supernovas, big deals that flame out quickly. Like too many sexual encounters. And when getting better at sex depends on New Year’s resolutions … well, it’s going to take more than annual resolutions. In fact, better sex only comes from a commitment to improvement – daily, weekly – and with dedication, it can be the gift that keeps on giving.

Here’s an article from Your Tango offering, “7 Resolutions to Be a Better Lover in 2021.” And to hell with waiting until January, what better time to begin being a better lover than under the mistletoe or menorah.

You can truly love yourself and teach someone else how to love you, physically and emotionally.

It’s about putting yourself first – always – not waiting until January 1st.

Couple of examples:

#1: Make love to yourself: “Self-love and self-acceptance is key.”

#4: Explore fantasies” “Each person has their own pot of sexual inhibitions brewing.”

Read article at Your Tango >>


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