Does brutal in the bedroom mean that …

pain, degradation and #MeToo are now part of mainstream sex?

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Consent? To what? Slapping? Pinching? Strangulation? Whips?

“How did this come about? The new taste originated in liberating ideas about sex: that female pleasure is just as expansive and important as men’s—perhaps more so.”

Does female sexual equality mean adopting the same callous bedroom behavior as some men? It certainly wasn’t the initial intent of #MeToo and yet, there is a definite increase in the era of hook-ups, apps and the sale of handcuffs and whips.

Excellent article by Zoe Strimpel in Persuasion that offers some partial explanations for all consenting women.

­­”Does all this means that intimacy must work hard to stay sexy, while sexy has never been further from intimate?”

Read at Persuasion (3 min) >>

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