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Women too are untrue, and have …

cheating minds, hearts and bodies not unlike men.

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“I want the penis but not the complications that go with it.” – Trudy (33 and married).

Ladies, embrace your lust! And read this book. It will change the way you think about yourself, sex and lust, forever. Read the full title again. The most important word is “free.”

Your lust, our lust, all women’s lust, is a natural, fiery magnificent part of who we are and it’s key to unlocking our ‘sexual autonomy’  and achieving greater gender equality. Dr. Wednesday Martin, through extensive research and real-life stories, reveals long-hidden truths about women’s sexual desires, sexual boredom, and their need for “sexual utility” [what really satisfies us, not what we’ve been told will satisfy us – ‘thanks mom!’].

You will read about the relief and freedom women feel when they learn that their lust, fantasies and inner wildness are “normal.” Women who shun monogamy are not “unlike us” and what we can learn from them and significantly improve our own relationships – current and future.

The cultural veneer that has told us for centuries that “happily married women” just don’t have affairs is pure mythology. And often they don’t cheat because of emotional problems but simply for sexual gratification. You will read in this book how women are leading the sexual movement to ‘consensual non-monogamy,’ ‘polyamory practices’ and ‘social events for the poly community.’

In 2013, women were roughly 40% more likely to be cheating on their husbands than they had been in 1990 .

Women being “untrue” is an ever-rising trend and it would be beneficial for all women – and men – to understand this wonderful unveiling of the true nature of women’s sexuality – and not just understand it, live it! The book rips the covers off the flawed concept of monogamy and fidelity this reality can be freeing for women and become a new sex equalizer in gender inequality.

“Rather than throwing “female Viagra” at these women, what if we told them the truth? That it’s normal for women to get bored? That it’s normal to want to have sex in lots of different ways, with many partners? And that women too, and perhaps especially, have cheating minds and hearts and bodies?

Let’s be honest, we often ‘pick’ the wrong guy, or get picked by the wrong guy, but this should not leave us stuck in sexual purgatory. Admitting this truth can allow us to accept the honesty of being “untrue.”

Don’t miss Chapter Nine: Life Is Short. Should You Be Untrue?

One of many clear cut findings in this concluding chapter is that so much sexual ‘beliefs’ are rooted in the “binary assertion that men want sex and women want connection and intimacy.” They aren’t, and they’re bullshit. BTW, you should check out the “famous T-shirt” research in Chapter Nine. It’s about women’s biology and that their sense of “smell may well be at work in mate choice, and that we are attracted to mates through olfaction based on how good a genetic match they are.” Yep. How a man smells might be a lot more intimately important than we think. And get this. The same research found that if a woman is on the pill her sense of smell does not work as well. Yikes, we prevent pregnancy but at the same time prevent ourselves from ‘sniffing’ out the right partner.

“It seems reasonable to hope that, one day , we will not automatically and unthinkingly judge ourselves guilty , or will at least develop the capacity to absolve ourselves of sin.” – Wednesday Martin

The quotation above is the final sentence in the book and despite highly recommending it as a must-read for every woman, we find this last thought somewhat ‘off the mark.’ Women’s lust and need to avoid monogamy is too powerful a natural force to be left to “hope … one day” or thought of as a “sin.” Because this implies it’s all left to a distant hope to absolve ourselves of sin, when, in fact, it’s not a sin and instead of hope – which is just a feeling – we need to find the will to act.

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