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Best women’s erotica of the year

“Legs shaking, I nearly hyperventilated as the fire in me swelled to near epic proportions. Soon I was nothing but a mess of sensation …”

I thought, Make love to me. I caught myself before I spoke the words out loud. What we were doing tonight had nothing to do with making love. So then why did I feel as though it was? “Fuck me,” I said instead.

Erotic short stories are like an epicurean feast of appetizers at an orgy banquet. You just can’t stop indulging. But better than a gourmet spread, reading erotica in appetizer-size bites can lead to a lifetime of more and better sex.

The titles in this collection should be all you need to whet your appetite: Easy Ride, Inked on My Skin, Adult Time, Meat Cute, The Instruction Manual, and, of course, what’s a book without a story titled, Cream.

Here’s a snippet from the Amazon review:

“… these characters say “yes” to their most daring desires. Whether a single mom having a hot vacation fling, a vegetarian lusting after a hunky butcher, a couple visiting a kinky escape room, or a divorcee hitting up a motorcycle club and going on an “Easy Ride,” these erotic tales bare all. Women who’ve been told they’re “too much,” by an ex or the world, discover the joy of asking for more and more and more—and getting it.”

The best thing about reading short erotic fiction is how long the reality lasts – and grows! And there are 20 yummy delicacies in this book.

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