Fake orgasms are ‘fake news’ and …

need to come out of the dark in a fragile relationship.

You can’t fake dishonesty forever.

If you asked 100 people what an orgasm feels like you would get 100 different answers. Because the orgasm is one of the most mysterious and least understood aspects of sex and yet, one of the most sought-after goals. Therein lies the problem. When it’s a goal, it becomes more elusive than ever.

Stop chasing it, let it come to you, naturally. But understand, for many women it takes knowledge, patient and practice. Not having an orgasm is quite common. And okay – if instead you seek sexual pleasure rather than the “big O.”




O School is a great website dedicated to sexual liberation and education and has several excellent articles on orgasms for vulva owners – and many important facts for penis owners to understand:

  • Tips To Have Your First Orgasm After Years Of Trying
  • How To Orgasm
  • Anorgasmia: Is It Normal To Struggle With Orgasm?
  • Top 10 Tips For Having An Orgasm

You can read these articles in less time than it might take to have an orgasm.

Read more at O School >>

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